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Life Coach Lesson: Succeed In Spite of Circumstances

May 14, 2013

Success is created by the self-responsible; those who know for sure that they are accountable for their lives – professionally and personally.  Successful people don’t wait around, expecting others to secure their future.  They succeed in spite of circumstances because they trust themselves to step up and take care of their needs and interests.

Keep your vision and goals in the forefront of your mind.  Write them down and read them daily.

Use them to test all decisions and be sure whatever actions you take align with your vision and goals.

Always choose to do the right thing, in the right way.  Choose actions that demonstrate self-respect, as well as respect and concern for everyone involved.

Don’t allow circumstances to limit your success.  If you see yourself as the victim of other’s actions towards you or attitudes about you, you’ve given away the power we all have to determine our own fate.  LIES (labels, illusions, excuses and stories) will stop you in your tracks.  Your energy will be sapped by fear, indecision and a lack of self-worth.

Instead, overcome the victim mentality by moving forward with courage and bold initiative.  Strengthen your ability to succeed by making conscious choices that will move you closer and closer to realizing your dreams.

Don’t let LIES limit you!

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