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LIES That Limit Blog Has Moved!

October 6, 2014
I’m thrilled that you’re interested in our growing Spirit of Purpose community. If you’re on a journey to find your unique truth and authentic happiness, you’re in the right place.

Just as with all things, change is inevitable. For the LIES That Limit subscribers and the Spirit of Purpose community, that means our offerings have evolved.  We’ve moved the great information you value to a new place.

We don’t want you to miss out on the life coach lessons you seek.  You can now get your daily or weekly dose of Spirit of Purpose inspiration, motivation and guidance these new ways.


SOP Newsletter Image

The Spirit of Purpose Weekly E-Newsletter  

The illuminating information that we previously posted on the LIES That Limit blog will be delivered to your inbox once a week.  These quick reads help fortify your spirit and give you new tools to work through life’s challenges.

Register here AND get a FREE chapter of my book “LIES That Limit: Uncover The Truth Of Who You Really Are.”






SOP Facebook ImageThe Spirit Of Purpose Facebook Community 

Here I provide quick-hit daily reminders that we have within us the power to achieve our dreams.  We’ll also alert you each time I publish new articles on:

and more…


SOP Blog ImageAND…all of my insightful articles, and more about the Spirit of Purpose community, are available at

I encourage you to stay connected to the Spirit of Purpose community because personal growth is a life-long endeavor.  And my purpose is to help others overcome challenges and take control of their destiny by opening their eyes to the LIES (Labels, Illusions. Excuses and Stories) That Limit their true potential.




LTL-Cover---Buy-Now---no-backGet a copy of the book that started it all.  When you’re ready to dive in and change your life for the better, start by reading my book, LIES That Limit: Uncover The Truth Of Who You Really Are.   It’s guaranteed to change the way you look at the world and your place in it.  Starting at $5.95 for Kindle and other e-readers.



I hope you’ll stay connected.  Everyone needs a support system and I’m here to be yours for your journey of truth and self discovery.

Teressa Moore Griffin
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