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SoulWorks Publishing House

SoulWorks Publishing House is devoted to publishing and marketing books, educational materials and publications that move the spirit and nourish the soul.  This innovative company builds off the traditional model of publishing companies and creates new opportunities and exposure for novel writers and experienced writers who want to share their stories and help heal and energize the world.

At SoulWorks Publishing House, our goal is to get readers to learn more about themselves, share their stories, dream endlessly and discover the truth of their life’s purpose.

SoulWorks Publishing House was established in 2004 by Teressa Moore Griffin, Founder & CEO of Spirit of Purpose, LLC, located in Voorhees, NJ.

SoulWorks Publishing House acknowledges the spirit of all creative writers who have a voice and invites you to join our movement to help others live and lead with a Spirit of Purpose.

“Your authentic voice, your real internal power and authority, is the voice of your spirit.  When you learn to hear and trust your authentic voice, you’ll manifest your purpose.  You’ll become even more powerful, satisfied and successful.” ~Teressa Moore Griffin

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